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Custom Publication and Media Research
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Editorial Support Research
Editorial Feature Surveys
We can conduct research to support any editorial feature you are thinking of.  Let your editors write the story as we do the grunt work collecting the data and analyzing any relationship that might be interesting to write about.  

State of the Industry Surveys
These surveys analyze the current dynamics of an industry.   From size, product/service usage, current and planned expenditure these surveys provide plenty of editorial to use as a cover story for any issue.   State of the Industry surveys are many times the largest issue a publication has all year. 
Salary Surveys
Salary surveys always make interest editorial and always attract additional readership.   Current compensation levels can be analyzed by region, title, company size, product, etc.  to gain a better understanding of the who, what and where of salary compensation.
Editorial Review Surveys
This reviews analyze your current publication in terms of layout and content allowing us to rate each area in terms of reader usage, likes, dislikes.  Combining with demographic tabulation we can see exactly who uses and prefers different areas of the publication.
Other custom research
ABR can really conduct any custom research  when the need arises.  If you tell us your objective we will develop a method that will collect the data to achieve this goal.