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Custom Publication and Media Research
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Publication Sales Support Research
Subscriber Profile Surveys
Subscriber Profile surveys allow a publication to learn about their readership, which in turns allows representatives to be more effective selling ad space. This unbiased information usually includes questions pertaining to a readership's business demographics, purchasing involvement and publication readership and usage.   These are usually the
backbone in terms of communicating a publications 
readership base and it's purchasing power.  Fresh 
information is always needed to share with
advertisers the current state of your pubicaton.

Competitive Readership Surveys
Competitive readership surveys allow a publication
to show their book against another book or a
competitive set of books.  These surveys arm sales
reps with solid quanititive data showing why their
publication is a better fit for a given advertiser in 
terms of reach and quality of readership.   Having
a third unbiased company conducting all aspects have the survey is vital to it being accepted in the industry.

Brand Preference Surveys
Brand preference surveys allow a publication to share valuable market information with their advertisers. The results of these surveys usually measure many product categories in terms of brand preference, usage and awareness. In addition to providing advertisers with market information, brand preference surveys allow a publication to justify additional ad expenditure showing the relationship between ad spending and awareness, preference and usage. 
Website Visitor Surveys
Similiar to the subscriber profile survey, but here we measure the quality and quantity of visitors to a publications' website component in terms of usage, demographics and purchasing power.
Other custom research
ABR can really conduct any custom research  when the need arises.  If you tell us your objective we will develop a method that will collect the data to achieve this goal.  This can be in the form of merchandising for an advertiser or for the publication's own marketing endeavors.